Welcome to RADLEY Prep

We are a Canadian Company Specializing in Collegiate and Corporate Accessories. Our Portfolio Includes: Premium Branded Jewelry, Backpacks and Hair Bows- Customized to the Unique Needs of Our Clients. Each RADLEY Prep Piece Tells a Unique Story...Marking a Milestone or Preserving a Special Moment in Time. We Look Forward to Learning Yours!
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The jewelry made by RADLEY in our school colors has been a great addition to our merchandise assortment at the Princeton University Store. Erin (RADLEY Owner + Founder) is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and makes beautiful product with stylish presentation options. Your customers will appreciate the fine detail that goes into each piece.

James Mailander


We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with RADLEY for the past few years and they always deliver exceptional quality. The term to go “above & beyond” is only their starting point. Erin loves what she does, and it shows in the beautiful pieces she creates. The attention to detail is truly impressive. Erin definitely knows what the customer wants and is able to deliver every time.
Mike Carriere


RADLEY has provided our Upper Canada College Blues Shops with beautiful accessories that appeal to our students, parents, and faculty.  Erin is responsive in answering any questions and open to helping us improve our selection from one year to the next. Erin’s personal touch, eye for detail, and commitment to quality make RADLEY a great option for us.
Kathryn Mitchell


RADLEY Accessories have been and continue to be a huge success at Havergal College. The wide variety of styles available provide the girls an opportunity to individualize their uniform while conforming to the dress code of the school.
Barbara Hill


Branksome Hall students enjoy wearing RADLEY accessories and adore the BH Insignia Nantucket Bracelet. RADLEY creates unique products with a traditional flare – ideal for every Branksome girl!
Andrea McAnally


Working with Erin and RADLEY was a great experience. Creating designs together was easy and fun!
Robin Kiatipis


RADLEY Accessories have been extremely successful at our Toronto French School Uniform Shop. The students are very pleased to have fun options to individualize their uniform. RADLEY provides great customer service and a truly unique and quality product.
Irene Geley